Procare parent engagement solution

Reach for the Stars Academy utilizes the Procare Solutions Connect System. The Procare app allows parents and guardians to feel more connected to their child throughout the day and keeps all important information and correspondence in one place. From sign In/Out and billing to communication about your child, Procare allows us to deliver the timely correspondence a parent or guardian deserves.

Reach for the Stars Academy requires all parents and guardians to use the Procare app. 

Procare™ Connect System

Digital Sign In/Out

Procare enables us to use a secure 4-digit pin to securely sign in and sign out your child. Know who picks up your child and when. Also, receive notifications and alerts.

Photo Sharing

Receive fun photo updates throughout the day. This allows you to stay involved in their daily activities and feel more connected. As an added bonus, view download, and share your photos!

Pay Online

Receive invoices and notifications as well as the ability to see your entire payment history. We anticipate offering the ability to pay using your computer or mobile phone in the near future.

Daily Updates

See what your child is up to throughout the day with daily updates. From meal tracking and bathroom breaks to nap times, Procare keeps you connected and informed. 

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Reach for the Stars offers parents and guardians an in-depth tour of our facilities. Tours are available during regular business hours, or any time that’s convenient for you. Please call for an appointment.