Our Programs

From six-week weeks to 12 years of age.

Reach for the Stars has programs available for six-week-old infants to children 12 years old. Our 15-classroom facility can accommodate up to 304 children, meeting or exceeding child/teacher ratio requirements from the State. We offer farm-to-table hot lunches and snacks lovingly prepared in our commercial-grade, state-of-the-art kitchen. Our programs are structured to meet or exceed all South Carolina state initiatives for early childcare and National Learning Standards for Early Childhood.

Programs include hands-on learning activities and weekly themes, emphasizing simple math, early literacy, science, and daily music. We also provide creative activities to stimulate young creative minds.

Infant Room

6 weeks to 8 months


Infants get our undivided attention – just like home. Our teachers and caregivers work to create a calm, loving environment for your baby while providing many creative and joyfully stimulating activities.


8 months to 16 months


So much development occurs at this age and our waddler program is the perfect environment for growth. Your baby begins to express more emotion and we see babbling, clapping hands, crawling, pulling up to stand, and more. Talking and listening, singing, reading, and playing movement games are all incorporated into your baby’s day.


Ages 1 to 2


Our toddler program focuses on independence, exploration, and building self-confidence. Our toddler classrooms feature lots of fun activity stations that help develop confidence, provide opportunities to play with others, and build their language skills.


Ages 2 to 3


Nothing terrible about these twos! For our children ages two to three we offer a nurturing, holistic approach to developing self-help skills, language, and social milestones by increasing communication skills and creativity.


Ages 3 to 4


Our Threes program is designed to help children develop good decision-making skills, learn to cooperate with peers and adults, as well as strengthen communication and problem-solving abilities. Children also work on math, reading readiness, language development, and other social/emotional and cognitive milestones.


Ages 4 to 5


In our PreSchool program, we assist children in preparing them for school life. Students work on math, science, literacy, art, music, and still have plenty of time for fun and play.

After School

Ages 6 to 12


Our after-school children are greeted with healthy snacks and engaging activities. We offer homework assistance, enrichment, and outdoor time when the weather cooperates. After-school transportation to Reach for the Stars is provided by area schools.

This program is offered to children up to 12 years old.

Take a Tour!

Reach for the Stars offers parents and guardians an in-depth tour of our facilities. Tours are available during regular business hours, or any time that’s convenient for you. Please call for an appointment.